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HULL HUGR BLACK 30X6X4 IN by: AirheadSportsstuff Part No: HH-30CB - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:730979-HH-30CB


Now for Bigger Boats!
Traditional round fenders protect hulls fairly well, but not gunwales. They tend to roll and lift, leaving your boat open to damage. Boats with step-down gunwales are especially vulnerable. Hull hugr Contour Fenders hinge at the rub rail to wrap around the gunwale and hull, following the contours of the boat. They always stay put, unlike other fenders. They?re constructed of durable tri-laminate covering closed cell foam with 1/2 inch ID polycarbonate grommets. Hull hugr stow in half the space of a round fender, under seats or inside storage compartments. Size: 30?? long x 6?? wide x 4?? thick.

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