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DOCKSIDE MOORING WHIPS (PAIR) 14 Feet by: DockEdge Part No: 3600-
DOCKSIDE MOORING WHIPS (PAIR) 14 Feet by: DockEdge Part No: 3600-

DOCKSIDE MOORING WHIPS (PAIR) 14 Feet by: DockEdge Part No: 3600-F - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Mooring Whips
DOCKSIDE MOORING WHIPS (PAIR) 14 Feet by:  DockEdge Part No: 3600-F

The practical alternative to marine railways, davits and lifts, these Whips are exceptionally strong and will not obstruct your waterfront view. These quality mooring whips, act as springs to maintain your boat at a safe, convenient distance from your dock and prevent impacts from waves or the wakes of passing watercraft. Unlike other solid rod fiberglass products, Dock Edge+ whips start with a solid rod and then are manufactured in multi-stages with cross- wound fiberglass to give these mooring whips the necessary strength and flex to retain the boats? position and prevent over-flexing of the whip. Each whip includes our exclusive Plug & Socket design for quick and easy separation and our solid cast aluminum base with built-in cleat, ring and thumb screw for easy removal and convenient storage of the whips. Each whip also includes our unique tip with functional roller and a tie-off cleat for easier access to your boat. Simply release the whip line from the tie-off cleat. The whip lines effortlessly roll through the pulley at the tip causing the boat to gently approach the dock for boarding. Constructed to the most rigid Quality specifications and Patented cross-wound material, these whips are sold in pairs complete with double braided nylon whip lines, spring lines and unique line tensioner for one-handed set-up. Stainless steel mounting hardware included. Available in 8', 12' 14' & 16' lengths for boats from 18' to 33' and up to 20000lb.

Maximum Boat Length Up to 23 Feet
Length 12 Feet
Material Fiberglass Pole
Cast Aluminum Base
Warranty Details One Year