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LIGHT MINE PROFESSIONNAL by: RiskRacing Part No: 114 - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:107969-114


Risk Racingö is proud to announce the next evolution phase in innovative task lighting. Based of the hugely successful original, the Magnetic Light Mine, Risk Racingö has created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. About the size of a baseball with the same underwater naval mine appearance, the new Light Mine Professional is 8 times brighter, lasts 4 times longer, includes a signal beacon, and red night vision light.
  • 11 Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets used to attach and aim light hands-free
  • Use posts as tripods/quad-pods creating a freestanding 360 degree aim-able light
  • 4 Electronic Light Functions: low power, high output, red night vision, blinking red signal
  • Lumen TechTM High output, wide angle, intensely bright Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • "AAA" Batteries are included