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MOORING WHIP 121IN 5000LB CAP by: DockEdge Part No: 3450-F - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:742601-3450-F
The premium whips available today, Dock Edge? Premium Mooring Whip system surpasses all other with its? roller tip for ease of access to your boat, positionable tie-off cleat and cushioning rocker base. These Quality Whips incorporate the same benefits and features of other Dock Edge+ whip models including a tie-off cleat and roller tip for each whip. Built for peace of mind to maintain your boat a safe, convenient distance away from the dock and prevent impacts caused by waves or the wakes of passing watercraft. Fabricated to stringent Quality specifications, each whip is assembled carefully by hand. Not only will these whips be functional, but they also offer the versatility to accommodate wider fluctuations in water levels.

The unique rocker bases included with these whips incorporate a firm but cushioning freeplay in the hold it has on your boat. Aside from the ability of the whips to firmly retain your boat a safe distance away from the dock, the rocker base also assist in absorbing forces placed on the boat from wave, wind and wake action. But that?s not all. Through careful design, the Dock Edge+ rocker base allows these whips to retract almost completely form the path of watercraft having flying bridges or wake board towers. No more jostling the controls to avoid whips protruding over the edge of the dock. Each whip set includes a pair of whips, rocker bases, whip and spring lines as well as our unique one- handed line tensioners for quick and easy set-up. No more knots. Available in 12?, 14? & 16? sizes for watercraft from 21? to 33? and up to 20,000 lb.