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PROPELLER EXPRESS ER1-1015 SST by:  TurningPoint Part No: 3120 1510

PROPELLER EXPRESS ER1-1015 SST by: TurningPoint Part No: 3120 1510

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Part Number:730624-3120 1510
Improved Handling and Boat Lift
  • Through advanced pitch line and rake line cupping.
Tuned Progressive Pitch Angles
  • Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy.
Tuned Vents for Fast Hole Shot
  • Vent holes in the propeller?s barrel allow exhaust gases to escape, reducing water density around the propeller?s blades during acceleration. This causes the propeller to rotate faster at slower speeds resulting in more horsepower. More horsepower at lower speeds means faster acceleration and a faster hole shot. (selected models only 13? & 14? diameter 17+ Pitch).
High Flow-through Barrel Exhaust System
  • Maximizing exhaust flow increases horsepower and top end speed
Compatible with Competitors? Hub Systems
  • Works with Mercury ö Flo-Torq II ö , Michigan Wheel ö XHS ö , and Solas ö Rubex? hub kit systems. NOTE: Not applicable with Turning Point?s 10, 20 and 200 Hub Kit?series.
Unique Hub Kit System
  • Turning Point offers its unique hub and housing system from 8hp to 300+hp, a range of engines unmatched in the?industry.
  • Utilizing high tech shock absorbing polymers and a solid brass spindle, the Turning Point hubs will not corrode or break like competing hubs, and are covered by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Each hub?s one piece design ensures simple housing replacement, making a prop change quick and easy.