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Powrtran PS200SS Power Steer item 7900
Powrtran PS200SS Power Steer item 7900

Powrtran New Tailfin Model 8001 (replaces Python Steering Unit Item 7800) for Outboard Motors with Steering Tube Shipping to Canada

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Powrtran New Tailfin Model 8001 (replaces Python Steering Unit Item 7800) for Outboard Motors with Steering Tube Shipping 

We are shipping the new "Tailfin" model as the Python has been discontinued.

We are thrilled to announce a huge change to our Kicker Motor Steering System.  In the coming weeks, we will be discontinuing our Python series and welcoming the launch of the brand new

TAILFIN Kicker Steering System!


Brand new remote with protective cover and longer lanyard;
Improved remote battery-life;
Mirror-polished steering linkage;
Shut-off switch with LED indicator to assist in programing and troubleshooting;

The ability to adjust the speed and sensitivity of turning--This allows the user to set the response of the system to their preferences! 

The Python from Powrtran 7800 with Steer Tube Kit STK-100  is used with transom or OB Bracket mounted motors without a steering tube. The Pow'r Steer is ideal for awkward or hard-to-reach transom or bracket-mounted motors up to 25 HP, has a marine grade, submersible, high torque 12 volt motor that draws just 5 amps.

The unit steers the motor faster side-to-side to adjust course in rough or fast-moving water. The drive unit and motor are separate from each other for fast and easy service or replacement.

Designed for closed throttle cruising and trolling, the Python can be operated by hand or foot. An extra optional wireless remote control is also available, which allows the power steering to be operated from anywhere on board.

Motor can be mounted on either side of the kicker.
Clearance needed on the Linkage side: 9"
Clearance needed on the motor side: 6 1/2"
Total Clearance needed: 26"
Max HP -25

Outboard Motor: With Steering Tube
Max Horsepower: 25 hp
Controls: Wireless remote, 2 Button Switch with 24” of wire. (10' Cable extention available)
Weight: 8 lbs.
Dimensions:19 x 8 x 7 in
Operation: 12 Volt Electro-Mechanical
Hardware: Stainless Steel

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