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TRACKER SPY MAGNET OXFORD by: OxfordProducts Part No: EL121 - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:369541-EL121
  • The simplest, cheapest and most effective way to fit GPS tracking to your motorcycle. Conceal the sleek tracker unit in the most appropriate place on your motorcycle and activate with your phone/tablet/computer! In the unfortunate event your bike is stolen, open up your Tracker App to find out where it has been taken anywhere in the world with a mobile network.
  • A compact tracking unit which protects your vehicle or any moveable asset to which it is fitted.
  • Easy to fit on any vehicle and transferable between any vehicle or asset.
  • The Oxford GPS Tracker requires no tools at all, simply hide the tracker in the desired location.
You can quickly access a number of key features using your phone/tablet/computer, depending on what you need from the system.
  • Worldwide coverage using Global Position Satellites (GPS) and a worldwide embedded SIM chip.
  • Positions viewable on Google maps from a PC or smart phone app.
  • Multiple trackers on your account.
  • Sleep Mode: This is the default mode which provides a traceable location after the tracker has been still for 5 minutes. New locations are only provided if the tracker is moved to a new location.
  • Live Mode: Under set-up you can put the tracker in ?Live Mode?, which means that you receive a new position every 5 minutes, providing the tracker is moving.
  • Geofence Mode: Is a geograhpic area around the tracker. If moved beyond this area, the user automatically receives and email message about the movement. You will receive a new position every 5 minutes, providing the tracker is still moving. It will show a track bearing line from the geofence area to the new location.
  • Alarm Mode: If you want to report a stolen object, you can do so by activating the alarm button and entering your password. Your secure mark, which is always included will now be shown stolen in the system.

The tough, completely waterproof, sealed unit has an incredibly long battery life (10 year life expectancy). Completely portable, so you can move it at will, transfer from one use to another and effectively conceal it inside anything else you wish to track. No wiring required. No charging required. Just put it wherever you want and activate with your phone/tablet/computer!
  • No wiring to your vehicle. No installation costs.
  • Powered only by a lithium battery with up to 10 year life expectancy or up to 14,000 tracked positions.
  • Totally waterproof. Tough construction and sealed for life.