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UNIVERSAL WIRING HARNESS PRO by: QuakeLed Part No: QUPWIRE - Canada - Canadian Dollars

Your Price: C$104.00
Part Number:222080-QUPWIRE
The Quake LED Pro Wire Harness is the perfect solution for any LED light wiring need. Build even tougher for large light installs. It can handle most power, push more amps and keep the light shining brighter. Made specifically by Quake LED Lights, our Wire Harness will make sure that any lighting system has the power to get the job done. We use reinforced wire that will stand the test of time on any lighting install imaginable. Cheap wire can burn up over time when it?s exposed to extended hours of high amp draw from your lights, but with Quake?s superior design our Wire Harness delivers the power for days with minimal energy draw. Don?t waste time and money with inferior wiring; get a custom set up right with our Pro Wire Harness.