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Bobs Machine Mini Jack Plates 100-801000
Bobs Machine Mini Jack Plates 100-801000

Bobs Machine Action Mini Jack Plate 100-801000 100801000 - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:BOBS-100-801000
Bob's Machine Shop Mini Action Jack Plate (50HP Max) Bolt or clamp : 6" Adjustable 100-801000 100801000

***Note : This unit can be used for either full BIA bolt pattern Bolt on motors, OR any clamp on motors.  Most clamp on will want to use the Narrow unit, but if you think you might upgrade in future, or have a motor with a wide bracket, this is a perfect choice!***

Bob's Machine Shop has just launched a new line of jack plates for smaller boats with lower-hp engines. The lightweight Mini Jacs feature a smaller footprint and, depending on the model, will handle engines up to 50 hp.

High-performance boaters use jack plates for more speed, better fuel economy and improved boat handling. In recent years, jacks have also become popular with fishermen and pleasure boaters who operate in shallow water. 

Mini Jacs come in three models:  The standard version weighs 40 pounds and has same dimensions as BMS's regular jack plates.  It fits the standard BIA bolt pattern and provides 6" of hydraulic lift.

Mini Jacs also come in a narrower width for smaller boats with clamp-on style motors.  This model weighs 25 pounds but still provides 6" of lift.

The smallest Mini Jac weighs only 18 pounds and works well with small, Gheenoe-style boats with clamp-on engines.  This model supplies 4" of hydraulic lift and handles engines up to 40 hp.  All Mini Jacs come with a 5-1/2" setback.

Bob's Machine Shop's jack plates use hi-tech bearings that will not absorb water.  They also feature automobile-type grease fittings - a unique feature among jack plates. 

Lifetime warranty on structure

Automotive grease nipples for easy lubrication

Tension rods

Made in USA, in our own factory in Tampa, Florida

6" of hydraulic lift

pump integrated into jack plate  (1 year warranty on pump)

28 pounds/12 kilos

14 7/8:/37cm OAL

17 3/4"/45 OAW

 6"/15cm set back.

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