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Nauticus Automatic Self Adjusting Trim Tabs Smart Tabs ST-781-20
Nauticus Automatic Self Adjusting Trim Tabs Smart Tabs ST-781-20

Nauticus Automatic Self Adjusting Trim Tabs Smart Tabs ST Stainless Steel Series

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Nauticus Automatic Self Adjusting Trim Tabs Smart Tabs ST Series


Designed for boats 10' – 22' in length with 8 to 240 hp engines.

The first and most effective automatic trim tab system provides better all around performance to even smaller boats with low hp engines. Even if your boat runs “okay”, SMART TABS will improve the performance of your boat more than you ever thought possible.

SMART TABS are specifically designed for use on small power boats from 10' to 22' in length with up to 240 HP. This unique system is the only one of its kind in the industry. The nitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plated down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT is determined by the actuator load rating along with the trim plate bracket adjustment which is done at the time of installation.

Not only are SMART TABS completely automatic, but they can be fine tuned to each boat and to the boaters preference. This unlimited versatility provides performance enhancement unmatched by any other product. Improvements in both acceleration and top speed are impressive. Reduced bow rise at slow speeds, lower minimum planing speeds, lower minimum planing speeds, and better tracking are significant. Annoying characteristics such as porpoising and listing are eliminated. The ride and handling improvements are amazing.

SMART TABS for Small Boats & Tenders
Get on plane with ease and cruise at under 9mph or run at top speeds with improved stability. Improve the performance of your roll-up inflatable with the new ST781-20 composite trim tabs specially designed to fold up flat to the transom and still roll up with the boat for slowage. Smart Tabs are completely automatic and do not require electric switches or hydraulics. They continously adjust to the water condition like shock absorbers. Stainless steel or composite plates are held down by the nitrogen gas actuator and rotate up when the boat goes on plane. Easily installed on any wood, aluminium, or fiberglass transom in less than an hour, and includes two actuators, sealed in EDPM rubber boot, two plates, mounting hardware, instructions and templates. 

Small Tenders, Roll Up Inflatables, & Ribs
10', 11', 12' 8 to 15 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST780-20 or ST781-20
Small Tenders, & Ribs
10', 11', 12' 20 to 25 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST780-30
Ribs, Flats & Bay, Bow Riders, Fish & Ski
13', 14', 15' 30 to 40 HP 2 Stroke ST980-30
12', 13', 14' 40 to 50 HP 4 Stroke ST980-40 or PT980-40
14', 15', 16' 50 to 80 HP 2 Stroke
Ribs, Flats & Bay, Bow Riders, Day Cruisers, Fish & Ski, Rescue, Deck
15', 16', 17’+ 60 to 135 HP 4 Stroke ST1290-60 or PT1290-60
16', 17', 18’+ 90 to 150 HP 2 Stroke    ST1290-60 or PT1290-60
18' – 22'     150 to 240 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST1290-80
16', 17', 18’+ 4 or 6 cyl Inboard/Outboard ST1290-60 or PT1290-60
18' – 22' 8 cyl Inboard/Outboard ST1290-80
Day Cruiser, Rescue, Cuddy Cabin
23' – 30' 9’10” Max Beam 5,000 Lb. to 6,500 Lb. ST1610-120
23' – 30' 9’10” Max Beam 7,000 Lb. to 8,500 Lb. ST1610-180

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