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Panther TrollMaster Pro 3 by Marinetech Products
Panther TrollMaster Pro 3 by Marinetech Products

Panther TrollMaster Pro 3 by Marinetech Products - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Panther Trollmaster PRO3 From Marinetech Products

Replaced by Pro3+ Wireless
PRO3 Features:
  • Digital Display
  • 10x's Throttle adjustment
  • Max Throttle control
  • Idle Throttle control
  • Steering Control Ready
All the same features as the Pro and Pro2 while adding the ability to steer your ‘kicker’ with the same remote, when interfaced with a Panther Electro Steer unit.
Panther Control Your GAS POWERED Trolling Motor to a Degree of Precision You Never Would Have Believed Possible.
TrollMaster is easy to install and does not interfere with the normal operation of the throttle. All the components are designed to fit neatly under the cowling to minimize the chance of theft without detracting from the looks of your boat. TrollMaster requires only a minimal amount of power and will operate off of your 12-volt battery.
TrollMaster will also work in conjunction with any remote steering attachments that are currently on the market. We build all of our TrollMasters to be saltwater compatible with the exclusive use of aluminum and stainless steel components.
TrollMaster is considered the leader in the industry for electronic throttle control of gasoline trolling motors.  We offer a variety of models, to work with all the popular brand name trolling motors including: Evinrude, Honda, Mariner, Mercury, Johnson and Yamaha.  With a TrollMaster system, you will have the control and precision you never would have believed possible.  The precision will allow you to obtain the most accurate lure action and maintain it.  You can adjust your boat to the exact speed required to catch Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Walleye and even Tuna.
In addition your TrollMaster has a very unique feature: Idle with Speed Memory.  Here is how it works:  Once you set the correct speed and then you get a fish on, depress the "Idle" button. Your throttle control drops to idle to allow you manage your catch.  Once you are ready to begin trolling again depress the "Idle" button once again and you will return to the precise speed you had set via the Speed Memory feature.
Steering Control Ready - Add a Panther ElectroSteer to the TrollMaster PRO3 system and you have now achived the ability to control throttle AND direction from one remote.
The TrollMaster is able to accomidate the Panther ElectroSteer by plugging the ElectroSteer directly into the TrollMaster.  This leaves the ElectroSteer wiring harness not needed. 
If this will be a NEW install of TrollMaster AND ElectroSteer we now sell the Panther ElectroSteer without the electronics.  
Trollmaster Pro Part Numbers:
TM200DPRO3    -Honda 8, 5, 9.9 & 15 HP (1980–2000)
TM207DPRO3    -Honda 8, 9.9, 15 & 20 (2001–2010)
TM201DPRO3    -Merc Mariner (1990–2004) & Yamaha (1990–2006) 9.9 & 15
TM203DPRO3    -Merc 4, 5 & 6 (All Years) Nissan/Tohatsu 5 & 6 (1995–Present)
TM206DPRO3    -Yamaha 6, T8 1999-2012 and 9.9 2008-Present
TM208DPRO3    -Johnson/Evenrude/Suzuki 9.9 & 15 (2003-2010)
TM209DPRO3    -Mercury 15 & 20 Tiller Only (2008–2009)
TM214DPRO3    -Mercury 15 & 20, NOT 9.9 & 15
TM210DPRO3    -Yamaha High Thrust/Large Power Head 9.9 2005-2008 and 15 2005-Present
TM211DPRO3    - Nissan/Tohatsu 8 & 9.8 (2003–Present) Featherweights
TM212DPRO3    -Mercury 8 & 9.9 Remote Shift/Throttle (2005–Present)
TM213DPRO3    -Mercury 8 & 9.9 Tiller ONLY (2005–Present)

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