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PowerTran Tilt and Trim PTT60SS 6100
PowerTran Tilt and Trim PTT60SS 6100

PowerTran Tilt and Trim PTT130 6100 - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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PowerTran Tilt and Trim PTT130 6100

PowrTran PT&T units unlock the hidden performance potential in boats and motors. Our power trim and tilt features advanced engineering with a combination of features. The PowrTran Tilt & Trim is like a transom bracket and power trim and tilt all combined into one superior unit. It not only enhances top end speed, but also reduces fuel consumption, improves hole shots, stabilizes boat ride and tracking, and eliminates most plowing, porpoising and chinewalking.

The PowrTran Power Tilt & Trim has full power all the way up, and will not kick down from propeller force at any degree of trim. The PowrTran PT&T is ideal for most boats, including pontoons. Best of all, PowrTran Power Tilt & Trim units are very economical. They cost less than most factory units and are easier, faster and less expensive to repair than factory hydraulic units. Simply put, the PowrTran Tilt & Trim has no equal. Should service be necessary the actuator is removed in minutes by removing two clevis pins and unplugging the electrical cord. Just place the clevis pin in the hole in the lower port side of the PT&T frame and continue boating.

The PTT130 Model (formally known as the PTT60SS) is designed for bolt on motors. 


Unit weight: 42 lbs
Max HP: 130 HP
Max Motor Weight: 375 lbs
Mounting Footprint: 14 H x 17.5 W
Engine Mounting Plate: 14 H x 15.25 W
Lift Speed Lock to Lock: 7.2 seconds
Power requirements: 12 V
Operation: Ball Screw Actuator
Construction: Aluminum
Controls: Standard 2-Button Switch w/16ft of cable (Longer cables can be purchased for special applications)

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