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ClamSeal for Instant Repair
ClamSeal for Instant Repair

ClamSeal for Instant Repair. Not sold separately. Must ship with a Sea Eagle Boat - Canada - Canadian Dollars

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Part Number:CLAMSEAL
ClamSeal is an instant repair for all makes of inflatable boats. The patented "ClamSeal" is a compact safety device which can be quickly inserted into any tear in a tube or fabric floor up to 3.5". Just hand tighten the nut and reinflate your boat. Works on tears above or below the waterline.

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  • FastTrack Inflatable Kayaks
  • FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boats
  • Frameless Pontoon Boats
  • Motormount Boats
  • NeedleNose SUPs
  • Paddleski
  • SailCat
  • Sport Inflatable Kayaks
  • Sport Runabouts
  • Yacht Tenders